Nkuringo cultural center (NCC)

Nkuringo cultural center (NCC) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to poverty eradication through conservation. The main aim of NCC is to improve communities wellbeing through the use of cultural heritage, eco-tourism and conservation. Currently NCC has three major programs: culture in development and conservation; community tourism; empowerment program.


Cultural performances project: This project aims at creating awareness about the importance of conserving the environment. The income earned through cultural performances is used to improve local livelihoods, while the knowledge acquired is used for conserving of the environment.
Conservation of pocket forests such as Nombe and Rushaga forest for the provision of honey, herbs and raw materials to the craft industry: This project has reduced human- animal conflict and encroachment in Bwindi forest, which is one the UNESCO world heritage sites in Uganda. Honey and crafts bring a lot of income to the local community.
Community trails project: This project has four main trails designed to act as an additional tourist attraction to the tourists who come to visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Trails run through the communities which offer unique tourist attractions. The sites are conserved by a community who is paid a fee once a tourist visits the site, thus providing the community with an incentive to conserve the local biodiversity.
The Reformed poachers project: This project, which is mainly supported by the Uganda wildlife authority, aims at reforming traditional hunters so that they engage in other more sustainable income generating activities. This project has 35 reformed poachers/hunters who are now acting as the community educators.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Makuregye Nathan Justice Gahungu
E-mail: gmakuregye@yahoo.com

Nkuringo cultural center (NCC)
Rubuguri Town Board, P.O.Box 212 Kisoro, Uganda
Phone: +256-755208775
E-mail: info@nkuringoculturalcentre.org

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