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Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)

Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) is a non-profit, non-political organization committed to sustainable socio-economic development, conservation of natural resources, use of clean energy and protection of the environment through research and implementation of specific activities.  

A group of enlightened environmentalists, development workers and nature lovers came together with the idea of advocating to protect the ever-degrading coastal ecosystem of Bangladesh. As a result, BEDS was formed on July 26, 2010 and registered from the NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office and Department of Social Services of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh to work with the grassroots-level community.  The organization promotes the long-term co-existence of people and natural ecosystems on our planet, creating harmony among all living beings. 

BEDS exists to address and solve integrated environmental and socio-economic problems. It has been working on: issues arising from global warming and sea level rise; preparedness to respond to natural hazards; mobilizing communities to eradicate unplanned and unsustainable over-harvesting and use of natural resources; bringing together different stakeholders to stop the extinction of rare species of flora and fauna; preserving Sundarbans biodiversity loss; minimizing the adverse impact on the eco-system due to accelerated human population growth; opposing human rights violations; and promoting gender equity.  In addition, BEDS works to improve socio-economic conditions for the most vulnerable communities by focusing on food crises, farming, fisheries, education, health and nutrition and unemployment.

Award:  BEDS received the Government Environmental Award 2015 and 2016 from the Department of Environment, Khulna Division, Khulna, Government of Bangladesh.


BEDS carries out projects in the fields of:

  • Education and Capacity Building  for Environment Conservation
  • Mangrove Biodiversity and Wild life Conservation
  • Women Empowerment Project
  • Clean Energy Promotion
  • Eco Habitat and Business
  • Increasing Livelihood options
Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Maksudur Rahman
Chief Executive
Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)
House No. 03, Road No 20 Nirala R/A, Khulna- 9100, Bangladesh               
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