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ECOA – Ecologia e Ação

ECOA – Ecologia e Ação

Ecoa tries to mix scientific approach and political action engaging local communities in the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil for a sustainable development. Ecoa's actions tend to promote biological conservation as well as poverty alleviation. Through our constant support on helping local communities to set up local associations and cooperatives, one of main features of the institution is the bottom-up approach. 


Tourism Community Base: On the Pantanal Wetland the tourism is mainly focused on fishing. Every year around 10 thousand tourist come to this region. Local people are involved in this business just by supplying the fish trade with baits and some as employees on the boats. This project is an attempt to build a new type of tourism on the Pantanal. Where the locals' values, peoples' livehood, the way they manage the natural resources and their knowledge are the main target of the tourist.

Baits Fair Price: Most of people in the communities have their livehood based on selling baits for the tourism trade. However, the price varies a lot within different communities, which leads to people putting their price down (varying from R$ 1,20 to R$ 0,25). During a working group, we found that, basing on how much the local people work to gather these baits, the price should be around R$ 1,00 per unit. Thus, this project is focused on trying to fix the price on R$ 1,00.

Actions focused on the development of three local communities: Our goal on this project is to strengthen the local organizations. We know that the best way to support local communities is to let them lead the biological conservation approach. Thus, on this project we are providing means to do so. We are delivering health assistance for all local people. As well as support on cases of pregnancy and nutrition advices. On the same time we try to develop a system where they can figure out how to be more prepared for great environmental changes (such as floods and draughts) and recover their livelihood faster.

Mapping of extreme climate events in the Pantanal: This project is being held all over the Pantanal and is related to the “Actions focused on the development of three local communities”. Together with local communities we are identifying the extreme climate events that have occurred in the last five years (such as great floods and draughts). Based on that we are trying to build with them tools and approaches that can enhance their livelihood resilience in the face of such events in the future.

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Conservation organisation

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