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Association pour le cheval de Przewalski: TAKH

Association pour le cheval de Przewalski: TAKH

Association Takh is dedicated to science-based conservation which integrates the reintroduction of the world’s last wild horse, conservation of the Mongolian steppe and improvement of the lives of Mongolian herders. The Przewalski’s horse, while saved from the brink of extinction, is one of the worlds’ most endangered species. The Przewalski’s horse is also a flagship species. By conserving it, we conserve the Steppe rangelands which harbor many important species such as wolves and gazelles. The Mongolian Steppe also supports semi-nomadic herders currently experiencing dramatic economic inflation and the impacts of climate change. Many are faced with two choices: increasing their herd size to potentially unsustainable sizes or moving to the growing “yurt shantytowns” surrounding urban areas. In the herding community surrounding the Przewalski horse release site, we are developing projects that add value to livestock, thus allowing herders to increase their livelihood while ultimately decreasing herd size. 


Community Development:
We work closely with the Women’s Community Council of Khomyn Tal (the Przewalski horse reintroduction site) to add value to camel-based products, which are more environmentally friendly to the Steppe rangelands than abundant cashmere goats and are more complementary to Przewalski’s horses and gazelles. We also sell women-made felt crafts in France, and are working on expanding their production and international market.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Kim Notin
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Association Takh
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