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TAHZINGDONG is non-profit, non-government organiSation working on environment and socio-economic development in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT’s) of Bangladesh. It intends to work with most disadvantage communities for improving their livelihood who mostly depend on forest and natural resources.

TAHZINGDONG is also known as an organization for the promotion, restoration and conservation of community managed natural forest in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT’s) of Bangladesh. The organization is pioneer in Bandarban Hill District who has taken initiative to protect and preserve the Community Managed Mouza Forest/Village Common Forest (VCF)/ Community Conserve Area (CCA) with the collaboration of forest dependent communities. Moreover, the organization intends to protect, preserve and restore the endengered forest species (both flora and fauna).

The organization also has research/publication on traditional community-based forest and biodiversity conservation, community-based natural resource management system. Besides, the organization made a documentary film on “community-managed natural forest and biodiversity conservation and livelihood development” as promotional activities. This video is available at:

Since 2004, THAZINGDONG has been implementing community-based Village Common Forest (VCF) projects ( community-managed natural forest/Mouza Forest /Community Conserved Area ) aiming at protection, restoration, biodiversity conservation, and improving knowledge on natural resource management system of indigenous traditional community-managed forests.


Community Based Conservation of Village Common Forest in Rowangchari, Bandarban

Objectives of the Project:

  • Protection and preservation of community based forest resources
  • Establishment of a Google earth/Remote Sensing data based monitoring system to track forest cover
  • Enhancement of livelihood security through alternative income generating activities
  • Protection of watershed and its catchments area
  • Advocacy and awareness campaign on community forest and environmental security and biodiversity conservation
  • Staff/organizational capacity development for smoothly implementing the project


Piloting Village Common Forest (VCF) and Stream Management in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT).

Objective of the Project:
Considering the above-mentioned issues, UNDP-CHTDF has felt the urgency to support piloting management initiatives of VCFs and small streams to improve livelihoods of dependent communities, restore important biodiversity and overall environment. Specific objectives of this piloting initiative are to:

•       Support livelihood improvement of local people ensuring sustained water supply for crop and livestock farming and forest resources to dependent communities;
•       Ensure year-round water supplies for drinking and household uses;
•       Play important role to conserve and restore important natural resources, biodiversity, nature and through integrated forest and small stream conservation;
•       Mitigation and adaptation climate change induced effects;
•       Demonstrate integrated forests and stream management initiatives to encourage scaling up further;

"Socio-economic development intervention in the marginalized and poor ethnic communities for poverty reduction (SEDIMPRP)"

Overall Objective of the Project:               
To create scope of income generating opportunity from their local made products and non-timber forest products (NTFP’s) through awareness and capacity building for livelihood development.

Specific Objectives the project:

  • Entrepreneurship development (Man & Woman) and increased of market accessibility for lively hood development.
  • Promotion and preservation the rights of own culture and heritage as well as gender equity and sensitization of the targeted community.

To ensure availability of raw material for their products and increase forest resource for proper utilization.

Type of organisation: 
Indigenous Peoples/Local Community Organisation

Telephone: +880-1825842897

Uzani para, Bandarban-4600
Bandarban Hill District
Phone: +880-361-62983
Mobile: +880-1825842897