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The Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF)

The Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) evolved from a research project called Elephants, Crops and People undertaken by Michael Keigwin in the 1990s and early 2000s. During his research he saw the daily threats facing people and wildlife alike and recognized that simple yet effective solutions could come through the support of a secure and Ugandan-focused funding route. This led to the birth of the Uganda Conservation Foundation, which works with various partners to support the recovery and future security of Uganda’s wildlife, natural resources and environment. One such partner is the Uganda Wildlife Authority who UCF work hand in hand with on the Waterways and Wildlife Intelligence and Leadership Development (WILD), training that has been specially designed for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) projects.


Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Project trains law enforcement rangers how to collect evidence of illegal activity and information about patrol coverage using a digital camera with an integrated GPS unit. The goals is to:

  • To provide commanders/managers with precise information about patrol coverage and the location of illegal activity.
  • To provide prosecutors with better courtroom evidence to increase the likelihood that poachers and other criminals will be convicted.
  • To collect photographic evidence that better describes the nature of criminal activity inside Uganda’s protected areas and animal distribution.

So far 15 cameras have been given out to UWA MFCA and since January this year, UWA has won 90% of all court cases related to poaching after tabling camera evidence.


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