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United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU)

UOBDU is a Batwa organization that strives to provide an alternative livelihood for all the Batwa in Uganda. This is done through implementing various projects that reduce poverty, increase visibility while conserving environment since the Batwa is the primary stakeholder in conserving Biodiversity.

As an organization UOBDU is involved in Biodiversity thematic areas that include Access and Benefit Sharing, Nagoya Protocol, Art.8j of the Traditional knowledge, Sustainable Development and others.


1) Agricultural Project

This project hires land for the Batwa who are adjacent to Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks; it also provides seeds as well as tools and pesticides for cultivation. The project has changed the attitude of the Batwa towards cultivation thus reducing poverty levels among them.

2) Education project

This basically aims at all Batwa children getting formal education such that they can be able to gain employment and understand the importance of nature thus conversing environment.

3) Income Generating Activities (handcraft, knitting, wood curving and tailoring)

Various skills have been under taken among Batwa peoples that include knitting, tailoring, wood curving and handcraft in order to improve household income as well as reduce the overdependence on the national park resources. These acquired skills will go a long way to improve the livelihood of the Batwa families as well as conserving the environment for better lives.

Type of organisation: 
Indigenous Peoples/Local Community Organisation

Ms. Zaninka Penninah

+256 77 2 660 810.

P.O Box 169, Bazanyamaso Road, Kisoro, Uganda.

+256 (0) 486 4 30 140 or +256 772 660 810