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Wildlife Clubs of Uganda

The wildlife clubs of Uganda (WCU) is a country wide association of young people’s environmental clubs who are committed to the conservation of Uganda’s natural heritage and the wise use of environmental resources. WCU was founded in 1975 as a non-religious and non-political association that does not discriminate in its membership on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or political differences.

WCU’s mission is to educate the population so as to ensure the sustainable use of Uganda’s natural resources and to conserve the country’s wildlife heritage for the present and future generations.

The Wildlife Clubs of Uganda aims to:
i. To cultivate a desire for environmental conservation amongst the people of Uganda and East Africa as a whole
ii. To promote the appreciation and scientific study of the country’s wildlife and the environment
iii. To promote the realization of the economic, recreational and aesthetic values of the country’s natural resources
iv. To improve cooperation with other organizations having similar objectives both inside and outside Uganda

Since 1975 WCU has been leading in conservation education to help Uganda’s future leaders understand nature and increase their ability to use resources wisely. Our programmes include: annual competitions, Wildlife Clubs Convention, mobile education, wildlife camps, conservation seminars and workshops, and publications, among others.


Children and Gorilla Conservation in Western Uganda (Kisoro, Kabale and Kanungu districts). This project is aimed at changing attitudes towards conservation and improving community livelihoods. The children act as agents of Change towards conservation in their communities. This project also provides agriculture extension services to families of the primary school going children's families.


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Conservation organisation


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