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Archived databases

A searchable database of organisations working on conservation-poverty linkages, including donor agencies, conservation organisations, NGOs, indigenous people's organisations and grassroots groups. The database contains 481 organisations and was managed until 2014. 
A searchable initiatives database describes significant international initiatives designed to explore the links between conservation and poverty reduction, from broad poverty-environment programmes to focused single-issue agendas. The database contains 36 initiatives and was managed until 2014. 
Prior to 2011 we collected details of tools and methodologies that are relevant to the field of poverty-conservation linkages. The topics covered were biodiversity assessment, socio-economic impacts of conservation, planning tools, valuation tools and collections of tools.
Prior to 2011 we collected a list of links to other resources that people with an interest in poverty and conservation issues might find useful. Unfortunately we can no longer guarantee these links are up to date.