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Cameroon PCLG

Participants at the sensitisation workshop. Photo by Stanley Dinsi, 2015.

Participants at the sensitisation workshop. Photo by Stanley Dinsi, 2015.

The Cameroon Poverty and Conservation Learning Group was established in 2013 and is convened by the Network for Environment and Sustainable Development (NESDA-CA). It is nested within “Greg Forêts”, the Cameroon branch of the Forest Governance Learning Group (FCLG). 

Our work

Cameroon-PCLG has benefited from support provided by the Arcus Foundation. Between 2013 and 2015, Cameroon-PCLG strengthened its relationships with development organisations, private sector actors, parliamentarians and other institutions that influence investment decisions in great ape ranges. This enabled Cameroon-PCLG members to:

  • map conservation organisations in Cameroon and analyse existing conservation policies;

  • study private and public sector development actors and the impact of their activities on conservation and great apes; and

  • organise capacity building workshops for local communities to raise awareness of issues surrounding great ape–human conflicts.

Cameroon-PCLG has received further support from Arcus foundation to continue these efforts into 2018 and 2019. This work is part of PCLG's broader thematic interest in great apes.


Cameroon PCLG periodically publishes workshop reports, discussion papers and policy briefs. These can be viewed at PCLG Publications.

Cameroon PCLG has also produced other resources including a documentary on great ape conservation, poverty alleviation and agri-industry investments.

Great ape conservation, poverty alleviation and agri-industry investments

Contact us

For more information about Cameroon-PCLG and to join the group, please contact Stanley Dinsi. Cameroon-PCLG is only open to those actively working in Cameroon, those based elsewhere are welcome to follow the PCLG International Network.