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Cameroon PCLG Radio Talk Shows

CAMPO Ma'an National Park, South Cameroon, photo by Stanley Chung Dinsi

CAMPO Ma'an National Park, South Cameroon, photo by Stanley Chung Dinsi

As part of the communication and sensitisation work of the Cameroon Poverty and Conservation Learning Group project (2013-15), four local radio stations were retained by Cameroon PCLG to produce radio programmes from March to August 2015. These were Beach FM and Kribi FM in the south region, and Ocean City Radio in Limbe and Radio Bonakanga in Buea, in the southwest region of Cameroon. The intention was to use media houses, which already had slots dedicated to addressing environmental issues, to incorporate the issue of great apes conservation in their shows.

Within a period of six months, each of the selected radio stations were expected to produce weekly programmes. A few excerpts from these radio programmes are available below. 

This is an excerpt from Beach FM (French). That station produced a total of eight radio talk shows on themes such as forest governance, the life of the local communities living in and around the Campo Mann National Park and the story of a baby gorilla (Moya).

The excerpt from Kribi FM (French) raises awareness of the activities of timber exploitation companies and petroleum industries that destroy great ape habitats, thereby contributing to the disappearance of these species.

This is an excerpt from Radio Bonakanga Buea (English). The peculiarity of the phone-in talk show is that it is animated in Pidgin English or Linga franka or better still creole, a language which is understood by both literate and illiterate, by all age groups and by different ethnic groups. The micro programmes address recommendations from a sensitisation workshop carried out by NESDA-Cameroon. They feature the views of local people regarding their role in the conservation of great apes, and an explanation to the audience of the role of this endangered species in regulating ecosystems and forests services.

This excerpt from Ocean City Radio Limbe (English) focus on the life of primates that are rescued and taken to the Limbe Wildlife Centre, and on raising awareness of industries, companies and local populations on activities that contribute to the reduction of great apes populations.