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Frequently asked questions

What is the PCLG?

The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) is a network, coordinated by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), of organisations and individuals with a shared interest in integrated approaches to conservation and development.

Download the PCLG Flyer for more information.

What is the mission of the PCLG?

The mission of the PCLG is to promote learning on the nature, extent and implications of the linkages between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

When was the PCLG launched?

The Learning Group initiative started in 2004 with support from the Ford Foundation, in response to a growing debate on the linkages between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction. 

Who finances the PCLG?

PCLG has received funding from the Ford Foundation, the Arcus Foundation and Irish Aid. Smaller contributions come from across IIED's range of donors including DGIS, Norad, Sida and DFID.

What is the PCLG secretariat?

The Learning Group is convened and facilitated by IIED, and IIED staff (Dilys Roe and Francesca Booker) act as the PCLG Secretariat.

What is PCLG News?

PCLG News is the newsletter of the PCLG. PCLG News provides monthly news on the work of the PCLG Secretariat and of PCLG members, as well as information about new publications, resources and forthcoming events. Sign up for newsletter.

What is the PCLG Journal Digest?

The Journal Digest is a new PCLG information service and is intended to keep readers up to date with new journal articles on issues relating to biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation as they are published. Sign up for the Journal Digest