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Market in the village of Minwoho, Lekié, Center Region, Cameroon. Photo by Ollivier Girard/CIFOR

Bibliographic database

With more than 2,000 titles, PCLG's bibliographic database provides a comprehensive list of literature on conservation-poverty linkages. Search by key word or by theme. Alternatively, sign up to receive our Journal Digest and we will send you the most recently added publications straight to your email.

Biodiversity-Poverty evidence database

IIED and UNEP-WCMC worked together in 2012 and 2013 to systematically map the biodiversity-poverty evidence base. The PCLG website hosts the biodiversity-poverty evidence database captured by this project, which is freely available for you to search and download.

Archived databases

PCLG’s organisations and initiatives databases, tools and methodologies and relevant links pages are now archived as PCLG is no longer able to add updates.