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Uganda PCLG Radio Talk Shows

In December 2014, Uganda PCLG organised a successful series of three Radio Talk shows around the issue of 'Can conservation and poverty balance?'. A number of U-PCLG members took part in the radio talk shows, raising the profile of poverty and conservation issues in Uganda, and of the work of U-PCLG. This page contains: the full audio files of the three radio talk shows; a few audio clips highlighting key moments in the talk shows discussions; background documents; the radio talk shows' transcripts; and an analysis of the radio talk shows. 

U-PCLG Discussion Guide for Radio Talk Shows

U-PCLG Radio Talk Shows Transcripts 

U-PCLG Radio Talk Shows Qualitative Analysis

U-PCLG Radio Talk Shows KAB Document

Broadcasting to Bwindi - A blog on the experience of using radio talk shows to communicate conservation and development messages 

First radio talk show: Introduction fo the issue

Audio clip from first radio talk show: Can conservation and poverty really balance?

Audio clip from first radio talk show:  What’s the government doing to bridge the gap between human needs and conservation?

Second radio talk show: Call for action

Audio clip from second radio talk show: What is the current situation for people living close to protected areas?

Audio clip from second radio talk show: What are the consequences of the interactions between people and wildlife? From diseases to human-wildlife conflicts.

Third radio talk show: Way forward

Audio clip from third radio talk show: What are the employment opportunities for the local communities around Bwindi area?

Audio clip from third radio talk show: Going forward, what are the key issues for poverty and conservation in Uganda?