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Uganda PCLG resources


Taking action against wildlife crime in Uganda: balancing law enforcment with community engagement - March 2017
This policy brief sets out key recommendations for Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth protected areas' action plans, and summarises the next steps that the Uganda Wildlife Authority and partners need to take to operationalise them.

Tourism-related employment of local people around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda - June 2015
This study aims to provide more information on the current tourism-related employment situation for people from frontline parishes and villages around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Mapping private sector investments and their impacts on great ape habitats in Uganda’s Albertine Rift region - March 2015
This report explores the overlap between existing and planned private sector land investments and great ape habitats in the Albertine Rift region of western Uganda.

Sustainable Conservation of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and community welfare improvement - February 2015
This policy brief argues that the Uganda Wildlife Authority should increase the community share of the gorilla permit fee from US$5 to US$10 and improve governance of the scheme.

U-PCLG Great Apes bibliography - January 2006
This report contains a collection of the literature on great apes (specifically, chimpanzees and gorillas), and on the linkages between great apes conservation and poverty alleviation in Uganda.

Other resources

Profiling unauthorized natural resource users for better targeting of conservation interventions - August 2015
Article published in Conservation Biology, available as PDF in Wiley Online Library.

Revenue sharing posters - August 2015
U-PCLG have produced a posters and leaflets to raise awareness amongst local communities living around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park of how the Revenue Sharing system works. They are available to view and download in three languages.

Uganda PCLG Radio Talk Shows - June 2015
Uganda PCLG organised a successful series of three radio talk shows around the issue of 'Can conservation and poverty balance?'. The full audio files are available to play.

Darwin Initiative Uganda Projects Evaluation - March 2015

Darwin Newsletter [PDF] - March 2015 

Presentations and conference material

Equity in Protected Area Conservation. Lessons from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda - Powerpoint presentation, Medard Twinamatsiko, March 2015

Who Poaches and Why at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - Powerpoint presentation, Julia Baker, April 2015

More presentations and conference material


Broadcasting to Bwindi - Hellena Nambogwe, July 2015

Built on collaboration: how conservation research can benefit local people - Julia Baker, March 2015

'Imagine Bwindi' music video launched on World Wildlife Day - IIED, March 2015

Enhancing equity and fairness - Hellena Nambogwe, February 2015

Composing songs for conservation - our journey to Bwindi the Impenetrable - Hellena Nambogwe, January 2015

Media coverage

International Day for Biological Diversity - Press release [PDF] - 22 May 2015

Uganda's Gorilla Song: Musicians Mobilise Support to Protect Endangered Animal through Song - CCTV Africa reportage, April 2015

UWA gives three districts Shs 550m [PDF] - March 2015

"Imagine Bwindi" Music Video Press Release [PDF] - March 2015

Expensive Gorilla Permits to Boost Locals [PDF] - February 2015