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Payment for ecosystem services as a framework for community based conservation in northern Tanzania

Payment for ecosystem services arrangements have become popular around the world as a means to creating incentives for conservation action by stakeholders. Few cases of this have been done using wildlife. In savannah ecosystems large mammal migrations take place and these often depend on extensive land area. The decline of such area or its habitat, overexploitation can be reversed if local communities are incentivised through PES. In Tanzania a consortium of tourism operators in Tarangire National Park pay the community to enforce voluntary restrictions on agricultural cultivation and permanent settlement in the area. So far the initiative has been cost-effective and can be adapted to other settings where sustaining wildlife depends on local stewardship.

Neslson, F., Foley, C., Foley, L.S., Leposo, A., Loure, E., Peterson, D., Peterson, M., Peterson, T. , Sachedina, H. and Williams, A.
Conservation Biology
Volume etc.: 
24, 1, 78-85
Year published: